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Invicta watches to make every event memorable

As we all know that women’s have the tendency to purchase a new outfit, footwear or any other accessory for any occasion. On the other hand, men buy only the things that are quite necessary for them and appropriate for that particular event. This is very much true when it comes to the matter of wrist watches. In this regard, Invicta watches make a beautiful timepiece for any sort of occasion where they can find themselves very attractive.

Prior to buying watches, it’s better to go through invicta watches review men which help to buy the best one. Here are some examples of the same-


Every working man should know how much time they have when before leaving for office from home or before attending any other event. So, for all these purposes office watches should just not only be reliable, but also should include a style that complements the man outfit.

One such time piece is Men’s force quartz stainless steel case and leather strap watch. This simple designed watch comes with round and stainless steel, silver tone case, black matte dial and silver tone Arabic numbers. The black genuine leather strap is designed with ivory stitching and also fits the men’s wrist up to 9.5 inches.

Night out with friends

When you are planning to move out with your friends, it’s very much important to be aware of time before the last minute call. Apart from that, you can have something on your hands, so that you can view other things even in the dim light of bar and club. In a guy’s night out, sporting is something which must be very attractive and thrilling.

Invicta watches 8926’s croduba automatic stainless steel bracelet watch is an ideal choice of today’s man. This has a unidirectional bezel which sits at the top of the stainless steel case. This timepiece sweeps around luminous Arabic


When you are planning to spend your day with your women, then you would notice each and every minute detail of your evening. It would really look odd if you wear a cheap watch or sports watch. So, you should choose a wrist watch which enhances your style and radiates confidence.

When you are going out for dating, the watch that you are supposed to wear is a blue sunray dial along with rose tone Arabic numerals, which gives overall classic look and timeless quality. It looks utmost fashionable without being showy.

Playing sports

Most people don’t like to remove their watch before starting any game. So, you need a wrist watch which is very simple as well as comfortable. It should also have sufficient durability to withstand any hard hit over the watch and also without troubling others with cumbersome edges of the watch.

The invicta watch which is ideal for sports is men’s sea vulture Swiss made Quartz chronograph polyurethane strap watch. It is preferred by most of the sports people not just because of its sleek and lightweight design, but also because of the functions which are set into the case side, so that there is no chance of sticking of any foreign particles.

Thus, invicta watches review gives better idea regarding which watch to purchase.

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High tech watches leap into future

The watch industry is embracing high technology with new products such as wristwatch pagers and miniature computers. High tech functions are becoming increasingly important in the marketing of watches, and companies such as Swatch and Citizen are creating products to meet that consumer demand. For example, Swatch has Swatch the Beep pager/watch, Seiko has the MessageWatch pager/watch, and Citizen has watch that can store diving data in a tiny computer.

Flashy high tech is making a move into the watch industry.

As functionality becomes an ever-bigger factor in selling watches, a number of companies are rolling out what could be called watches of the future.

While some of the features bring to mind Dick Tracy or Agent 007, many in the watch business say the moment is right for times that make life easier and more convenient.

Swatch introduced its newest version of a wristwatch pager, Swatch the Beep, this year, while Seiko is in the midst of rolling out its MessageWatch — a pager watch plus other features — to 20 major U.S. markets this year and next. In the computer arena, Citizen recently rolled out a sports watch that can download diving data into a computer, and at least one other major U.S. watchmaker that requested anonymity said it is developing a general-application watch that can also store information and download.

If you think about it, the wristwatch is one of the few pieces of electronic gear that most people wear,” said Michael C. Park, vice president of business and network development for Seiko’ Telecommunications, Beaverton, Ore., the division Seiko created to handle the MessageWatch. “It’s really the most obvious place to start introducing portable technology into peoples’ everyday lifestyles.”

Suzy Watson, trend analyst for Timex Corp., agreed, adding that her firm is gaining momentum on the technology trail.

“Technology will definitely end up on the wrist because there is the ability to miniaturize it to that point now,” Watson pointed out. “One potentially hot area, as we see it, is sensor-based watches, items that can open a garage door or start a car. We see these types of functions definitely on the brink of being possible.”

The main goal of these and other innovations, as many pointed out, is to provide functions that people want and need. In the last several years, softer-tech items such as chronographs, dual and multiple timers and improved forms of illuminated dials have become popular features in many watch lines.

“One of the big things that is happening for us right now is functional watches,” said Kim White, merchandise manager of jewelry and watches for Federated Merchandising, the buying arm of Federated Department Stores. “People are looking for watches that fit into highly active lifestyles.”

While the audience for highly specialized items such as pager watches may not be huge, White pointed out, anything that helps people save time these days is bound to attract interest. “Whether there would be a huge audience for a watch that, say, sends faxes is hard to say,” White said. “But the main point is to give people something they find useful.”

Whatever their functions, White said, these high-tech watches won’t cut into the fashion watch business. She agrees with watchmakers that this category will be, at least for the time being, an add-on watch business. However, some makers note that some of the technology could be incorporated into fashion watches.

“Our basic philosophy is to incorporate simple, truly useful functions into our products,” said Martin Grossenbacher, executive vice president of the U.S. division of Swatch. “We don’t think consumers are all that happy with watches that have 15 different capabilities packed into one, for instance. These tend to be confusing, and often people don’t understand how to use them.”

Swatch has chosen to take a position in the pager market, which it first entered two years ago with the Piepser, a tone-only pager/watch. The Piepser recorded incoming calls with a beep signal but did not have the display screen, which meant that users had to call a service number to find the number contacting them.

Swatch the Beep represents the company’s next generation pager/watch, Grossenbacher said. The item, which was developed in conjunction with MobileComm, a division of Bell South, and introduced in April, is an oversized watch with a numeric display screen that records incoming phone numbers just as a pager would. It wholesales for about $85.

At this point, the product can only be used regionally, but the company is planning to link it into a national network next year, Grossenbacher said. In addition to being carried by home electronics chains, Swatch the Beep is being stocked by some department store and jewelry retailers, he noted.

“We see the whole aspect of communication as the direction to go in as far as high-tech developments go,” Grossenbacher noted. “The next step would be a watch that could be used as a phone.”

Seiko is another company hot on the trail of the pager craze, having spent the last three years developing the MessageWatch, a digital watch with a display screen for incoming calls and information. The pager receives numbers of up to 16 digits as well as messages such as “call home” and “call office.” For an extra fee, users can subscribe to a service that runs everything from breaking news to lottery numbers across the display.

“The sky is the limit as far as the informational applications go,” said Seiko’s Park. “When we first started test-marketing the watch, it just had the pager capabilities and we found that people wanted more. It’s the ‘information is power’ idea.”

The MessageWatch, which wholesales for about $50, is now being sold only in Portland, Ore., and Seattle, Wash., and so has just regional applications. But, Park said, “our current goal is 20 U.S. markets in two years, and we’re in the middle of negotiations with radio networks around the country.”

Seiko’s aim is to eventually put together its own international network into which its watches can be hooked.

Computers are developing as the technology of choice for others such as Citizen, which launched its PC-compatible Hyper Aqualand dive watch last spring. This watch contains several sensors that record diving information while the wearer is underwater. Later, the watch can be hooked into its own communication unit, an interface device that, when connected to a computer, allows the information recorded by the watch — such as dive times, maximum depths and water temperatures — to be downloaded into the computer’s system.

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Fashion’s big names are getting their hands on watch lines, hoping to broaden their brand cachet on the main floor

When it comes to determining the time these days, there are a number of high tech options at any woman’s disposal, from her cell phone to her iPod, BlackBerry or Palm Pilot. Nevertheless, watches continue to go beyond their functionality to bedazzle consumers, and now a whole new group of designer brands is taking note.

In the past year alone, more than a half-dozen brands have inked watch deals, with high-wattage names like Michael Kors, Jennifer Lopez, Perry Ellis and, most recently, Marc Jacobs leading the charge and giving main-floor regulars such as Anne Klein, Kenneth Cole, Guess and Emporio Armani some new competition.

Jacobs and Kors, along with Bollman Hat Co., makers of Kangol hats, have sealed licensing deals with Fossil. Lopez’s Sweetface Fashions has teamed up with E. Gluck for JLo watches. SII Marketing International, a division of Seiko Instruments, is hoping its line for Perry Ellis will build on renewed interest in the brand now that hot designer Patrick Robinson is in charge of the creative direction. Also, Givenchy is getting refreshed through a new distribution deal with the SWI Group.

But can designer clout turn into big sales when main-floor watch real estate is already at maximum capacity? A hot name with an established commercial audience in other product arenas, such as apparel, doesn’t necessarily guarantee the public’s appetite for a watch emblazoned with the same name.

“Everyone wants to go where there have been significant successes,” said Charles Kriete, president of the Geneva Watch Company, maker of several highly successful licensed watch brands, including Kenneth Cole and Tommy Bahama. “Everyone envisions being the next Gucci, but it’s rarely that easy.”

Kriete added that there needs to be a clear message. “You need to be able to practically picture what the watch will look like even before it’s made.”

For newcomers to the watch business, this is an ambition they all hope to achieve.


Robert Duffy, president of Marc Jacobs, acknowledged that the development of Jacobs’ watchesmay be an evolving process.

I recognize the challenge from when we first started working on watches [for Louis Vuitton],” he said (Jacobs also designs the Louis Vuitton collection). “The details are key: A strap or detail on the face becomes a signature.”

He added, however, “I know one thing: Every time we’ve gone through this process, you learn as you go.”

Duffy couldn’t be too specific about the details of either the Marc Jacobs Collection or the Marc by Marc Jacobs watch lines, both of which are slated to bow in May of next year, but he did say their own love for watches was part of the reason why he and Jacobs decided to proceed with the license.

“We experimented with watches at Louis Vuitton, and they have become very interesting to Marc and I,” said Duffy. “Neither of us started wearing a watch until we were 30, but in the last 10 years I’ve started collecting them. We all wear watches; it’s an emotional decision.”

Duffy said both brands will include women’s and men’s watches and that they will expand upon the aesthetic of both the collection line and the diffusion line.

“Collection is really known for understated fashion. It’s about luxury, but not with a bang — more like a whisper,” Duffy said.

For Marc by Marc Jacobs, he said, “We’ll have a blast; we can go crazy with whatever colors or prints we do each season.”

Duffy said the watches will go into Jacobs’ own stores, then into key Jacobs retailers like Bergdorf Goodman and Neiman Marcus.


Andy Hilfiger, president of Sweetface Fashions, said he’s not worried about main-floor competition. He compared the ebb and flow of brands in the watch world to the rotation at Top 40 radio stations. “Just like with the radio, a new song comes on, another one goes off.”

Hilfiger said adding watches to JLo’s product categories was in response to the popularity of the watch, as well as an effort to expand upon the line’s lifestyle statement.

“Part of it is about building the whole lifestyle, but in both the music and fashion worlds, watches are a big accessory,” Hilfiger said. “Everyone wears cool watches. Jennifer is definitely a big watch wearer, and the designs reflect Jennifer’s lifestyle.”

The watches launched at better department and specialty stores this month for holiday, and the looks draw from Lopez’s glittering stage style, with many bright colors and crystal accents. The line will range from $70 to $195 at retail.


Michael Michael Kors watches, which hit major department stores this month, also build on Michael Kors’ lifestyle, accentuating what many have called his “carpool couture” sensibility.

“Michael Kors brings a sense of realistic fashion,” said Alex Cushing, brand manager for Michael Michael Kors at Fossil. “It’s achievable and understandable, yet sexy and still fashionable — and also has a ton of quality and value.”

Cushing said the line focuses on classic round and tank shapes, some with chunky buckle closures. Other features include day/date calendars, full working chronographs and a signature second hand in orange, a favorite Kors color. Retail prices range from $80 to $150.


Stuart Cameron, director of marketing and design at SII Marketing International, said this will be the second time that Perry Ellis is offering watches bearing the company’s name, after a previous license with Genender International ended about four years ago. This time around, however, pricing is more competitive, with the watches retailing from $75 to $110.

The design will also better match the classic feminine positioning of the apparel collection, which has received positive reviews in recent seasons, although Cameron was quick to point out that the watch collection isn’t translated directly from the apparel, but rather “tells the overall story.”

We asked ourselves what it is about a woman that is appealing; we looked at curves and lines,” Cameron explained. “The feeling is sort of Audrey Hepburn for today.”

Cameron described the Perry Ellis watch line as being centered around classic styling, with a lot of attention to detail.

“We worked closely with the team at Perry Ellis and came up with exclusive details,” he said. “We tooled everything from scratch. The crowns are unique, the hands have nice details, and the colors and dial treatments have a sheen that is very subtle.”

The 22-style women’s line, along with the men’s line, debuted at wholesale during the August accessories market, and is expected to turn up in main-floor departments for spring.

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