Bulova Accutron returns as high-tech luxury watch

Accutron by Bulova, one of the best-known and technically advanced brands of the 1960s, has returned as an 18k goldplated luxury watch.

New Accutron models are designed in the U.S. and made in Switzerland. They retail for $395 to $1,095, and are intended to make Bulova Corp. an active player in the competitive 500-$2,000 segment of the luxury watch market.

Launched in 1961, Accutron quickly became a symbol of U.S. technology, thanks to a unique tuning fork mechanism that guaranteed the most accurate timing then available in commercial watches. This technology and the styling made Accutron one of the most successful watches of the era: 22 million were sold through 1982, when it was discontinued because of the success of quartz watches.

However, the brand name remained firmly lodged in the public mind. A 1990 national survey of consumers ranked it seventh among 20 leading brands (behind Timex, Seiko, Bulova, Rolex, Citizen and Gucci) even though it hadn’t been sold for almost a decade. “We recognized the Accutron name continued to have tremendous equity [with consumers] and symbolized technological achievement as well as design innovation,” says Paul Sayegh, executive vice president of Bulova.

Accutron kept its stylized tuning fork logo, though new models use quartz technology. Five collections feature 26 styles, all with three-tiered cases-its signature design. Empire models have square cases and round bezels; Reflection, round cases and integrated bezels that carry through to strap or bracelet; Millennia, all-strap angular and curved case designs. Boulevard is based on classic Accutron designs; Whisper features ultra-thin models.

The line comes with a limited 25year warranty. Each owner receives an engraved brass warranty card with his or her name and the watch’s serial number; owners’ names are kept on computer file at Bulova headquarters.

A three-stepped display stand is available featuring a three-dimensional model of the Accutron tuning fork logo cast in brass and plated with 14k gold.

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  • Contact: Bulova Corp., One Bulova Ave., Woodside, N.Y. 11377; (800)-A-Bulova or, in New York, (718) 204-3309.

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